• 100% ABRSM pass rate
  • Intensive 'Suzuki' teaching method
  • All ages above five years welcome

In nearly three decades of teaching, my pupils have all passed their ABRSM Piano qualifications first time, up to and beyond Grade 8. Two-thirds achieved merit or higher, and a quarter achieved distinctions. I teach from my private Piano Studio in Caerwys, Flintshire in North Wales, approximately 20 minutes' drive from Chester.

A little about me

I began formal music studies at school age, attending a Special Music School in Kraków, Poland, alongside ordinary school. I then studied under Zofia Zagajewska in Poland at the Academy of Music in Kraków, and then Professor Kendall Taylor and Bryce Morrison in London, before moving to North Wales.

Suzuki teaching method

I teach highly intensively using a variation of the ‘Suzuki’ method. It is a Japanese teaching method conceived after the Second World War by a man who believed children were all capable of learning music to add colour to their development. It is a highly effective method, and brings my pupils close to the heart of music.

That is not to say the method is restricted to children! Adults of any age may also benefit from it as a generous and fulfilling introduction. It creates the foundations for rapid development. If you are seeking to achieve certain ABRSM Grades, it may be a refreshing way to embark on your preparation.

Music festivals

The method also places high importance on public and collaborative performance. I often encourage my pupils to sign up to various music festivals. Often we go as a cohort, performing in various classes. Not only does this introduce some new goals away from Grades, but it also provides the environment the ‘Suzuki’ method aspires to for development. We often come away with extremely high scores and some awards, and is a great way to build confidence, expand your repertoire, and meet some like-minded people.

Availability and pricing

I teach on all days of the week except Thursdays and Sundays, from 08:00 until late, with great flexibility to suit your or your child's schedule. Lessons are available in either 40 minute or 60 minute blocks. For current pricing, please get in touch. Payment by card is as welcome as by cash.

Bespoke tuition

You are most welcome to visit my studio in Caerwys and to discuss with me your requirements. A central pillar of the Suzuki method is that it is tailored to the individual's abilities: the learning curve adapts to the pupil. Please make your enquiries and get in touch below.


  • Website launched

Website launched

Welcome to my new website, which I hope will answer some of your queries regarding my piano lessons. Please feel free to get in touch using the form below.

Pupils' Testimonials

  • I came to Mrs. Hayward for piano lessons 3 years ago when my other piano teacher passed away. I had been entered in for my Grade 5 practical exam, and found it very upsetting and hard to come to terms with the loss of my teacher. Mrs. Hayward was very understanding and helped me to get through my exam. I have since taken my Grade 5 theory and my Grade 6 practical exams, and I am in the process of taking my Grade 7 with Mrs. Hayward. She is very professional in her teaching, and has a great knowledge of composers, as well as the different styles of music. On each new piece of music Mrs. Hayward will explain about the composer and the style of music, which helps me get a feel for what I am playing. Next year, Mrs. Hayward will accompany me to take part in playing a duet at my High School for my Music GCSE.
  • My son started piano lessons at the age of five with the Suzuki method and quickly developed an enthusiasm for music which has been nurtured and encouraged by the passion and knowledge that Mrs. Hayward imparts through her lessons. His lessons have gradually refined into more traditional learning methods with his confidence developing to a point where he is about to take his first ABRSM grading, and has already taken part in school Eisteddfods and the Chester Competitive Festival of the Performing Arts (2017). Mrs. Hayward provides a nurturing but firm environment for the lessons; where good technique and love of the art is at the heart of her work, and her patience, professionalism and energy is evident in all interactions.

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